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A Destination the Whole Family Can Enjoy

In beautiful Philadelphia, NY


Heralding from central Pennsylvania, the Martin family moved to New York due to a family connection in 2013.

Having settled in, a gap in the local market was identified- the Route 11 corridor lacked a greenhouse! In 2014, the Martins decided to take a crack at what they know best- 1,500 square feet of greenhouse in the parking lot of a nearby business.

After seeing promising growth, the Martins bought a farm on the south side of Philadelphia, NY, and built a slightly larger greenhouse. In 2016, produce hit the shelves in the greenhouse- just a few flats of strawberries, the perfect beginning for a fruit and vegetable market!

Today, the expansive grounds at Martin's Greenhouse feature nearly 20,000 square feet of indoor growing space and displays and a dozen different departments encompassing plants, produce, home goods and more. Martin's has grown by leaps and bounds- and the Martin Family is excited to share their new projects every year!

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