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Enjoying the 


of Martin's Greenhouse

We enjoy more than plants here!

Dog 4-5-21.jpg


Profile: 4 Year Female Old Maltese-Yorkie mix.

Superpower: Ferocious Bark and Attitude.

Weakness: Weighs under five pounds.

Smaller than most rabbits. 

Kid Friendly? Sorry, no. Precious prefers respectful distances.


Profile: ? Year old cat

Superpower: Human-like yodeling

Weakness: Human-like yodeling

Kid Friendly? Yes, but shy.

Bee Gayfeather.jpg

Flying Insects

Profile: Various Bees, Beetles, Moths, and Butterflies

Superpower: Pollination, perpetuation of life on earth.

Weakness: Bottom of the food chain

Kid Friendly? Use caution, especially in the existence of an allergy.

Frogs and Toads

Profile: Jumpy, Bumpy, and a little Grumpy.

Superpower: Storing urine till picked up.

Weakness: Easy to catch.

Kid Friendly? Yes. Please be gentle and kind to these critters should you choose to handle. If you find one that you think should be moved, please contact a team member.

Toad 1.jpg
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