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Gardening is a never-ending educational journey. Learn with us!

Wreath/Arrangement Workshops

Enjoy learning the art of wreathmaking or Christmas Floral Arrangements with a seasoned pro- these limited classes include refreshments, a spectacular holiday atmosphere, and limited product discounts. $75.00


Watercolor Workshop

Local artist Melanie Warzecha-Telego leads this class creating simple yet beautiful watercolor and ink Christmas Cards! All supplies will be provided. Join us and send your family and friends a hand-painted Christmas card this year!      $35.00

Gardening Basics

Learn about seasons, soils, climate zones, light, water, and all the basics needed to start a successful garden.


You are picking beans, peas, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, carrots, potatoes, radish, cucumbers, and corn as fast as you can. Learn how to can and freeze!


Want to spruce up your property with lower-maintenance plants that come back every year? Learn about perennials and their care.

Veggie Garden Care

Fertilizers, pests, vegetable varieties, weeding- learn the tips and tricks of growing a productive vegetable garden !

Raising Fruit Trees and Berry Bushes

What can you grow to eat year after year in upstate NY? Are all apple varieties the same? How do I make sure my plum tree will produce fruit? What kind of soil should I plant blueberry bushes in? Get answers to these questions, an more!

Flower Beds

How many petunias should I plant in a box 15 feet long and two feet wide? When should I plant tulips? Are geraniums hardy where I live?

We hear questions like this all the time. Let's get some answers!

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