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Maple Trees Acer

Maple trees come in myriad size and shape for every situation and taste.

Products listed below are for general information only. For current pricing, availability, and specimen variety and care, please call the Greenhouse or contact our Nursery Manager here. Items listed are hardy to zone 4 (northern New York) or better, unless otherwise noted.

Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum "Emporer", "Crimson Queen", "Bloodgood", "Tamukeyama"

10-15 feet high

10-15 feet wide

ZONE 5. Select carefully if planting in Northern NY. Consider Korean Maple as an alternative

Korean Maple

Acer pseudosieboldianum "Northern Glow"

15-25 feet high

15-25 feet wide

Hardy even to zone 3, this maple is a great alternative to the popular Japanese Maple, which is not suitable for NNY winters.

Norway Maple

Acer platanoides Looking for that black/purple maple? This is it. "Crimson King"

40-50 foot high

40-50 feet wide

Avoid planting in native woodlands. "Crimson King" Norway maple is often referred to by well-intentioned but incorrect North Country residents as a "Black", "Purple", or even "Red" Maple. 

Paperbark Maple

Acer griseum "Gingerbread", "Cinnamon Flake"

20-30 feet high

20-30 feet wide

Cinnamon-colored peeling bark.

Red Maple

Acer rubrum "Armstrong", "Autumn Blaze", "October Glory", "Red Sunset", (Franksred) "Sun Valley", "Brandywine", and more!

40-60 feet high

Varying width

The classic fall color maple!

Striped Maple

Snake Bark Maple, Acer pensylvanicum

15-20 feet high

15-20 feet wide

Sensitive maple prefers cool, evenly moist, acidic soils.

Sugar Maple

Acer saccharum "Green Mountain", "Fall Fiesta"

60-75 feet high

40-50 feet wide

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