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Evergreens and Boxwoods

All-season color, hedges, and privacy screens

Products listed below are for general information only. For current pricing, availability, and specimen variety and care, please call the Greenhouse or contact our Nursery Manager here. Items listed are hardy to zone 4 (northern New York) or better, unless otherwise noted.


American Arborvitae Thuja occidentalis

"Emerald Green" (Smaragd)

12-15 feet high

3-5 feet wide

Fast-growing privacy screen for small properties

"Degroot's Spire"

6-12 feet high

3-5 feet wide

Narrow, bronzes in cold weather.


20-30 feet high

8-10 feet wide

Remains dark green all year.


4-5 feet high

2-3 feet wide

Green-gold. Shrub sized.

Western Redcedar, Giant Arborvitae, Thuja plicata

"Green Giant"

30-50 feet high

10-12 feet wide

Fast-growing privacy screen option


Littleleaf Boxwood, Buxus microphylla

"Green Mountain"

6-8 feet high

5-7 feet wide

"Green Velvet"

3-4 feet high

3-4 feet wide


Common Winterberry, Ilex verticillata

6-10 feet high

6-10 feet wide

Prefers full sun and moist, well-drained soil. Needs a male for pollination.

Males are identified by four extended stamens. Females, with a central

ovary, "recall a green basketball", and produce small red fruit ("drupes")

when blooming at the same time as a nearby male specimen.

Prune holly in winter to refresh the entire plant.


Creeping Juniper, Juniper horizontalis


"Bar Harbor"

8-12 INCHES high

6-8 FEET wide

"Blue Chip"

8-10 INCHES high

6-8 FEET wide

Great for cool climates!

"Blue Rug"

4-6 INCHES high

6-8 FEET wide

Deep green in warm seasons, and deep burgundy in cold seasons

Rocky Mountain Juniper Juniperus scopulorum

"Wichita Blue"

18-20 feet high

5-8 feet wide

Brilliant blue foliage.

Single-Seed Juniper Juniperus squamata "Blue Star"

3-4 feet high

3-4 feet high

Silver-Blue foliage


European Larch, Larix decidua, American Larch, Tamarack Larix laricina

50-75 feet high

25-40 feet wide

Small ornamental varieties are often available.



Availability of specimen pines varies year to year, including White, Japanese White, Red, Scotch, Austrian, Virginian, Austrian, Bosnian, and more- including pendula cultivars.

Height: Available in shrub varieties that reach no more than 8-10 feet, to trees that could reach 50 feet or more.


Norway Spruce, Picea abies


Bird's Nest Spruce, "Nidiformis"

3-6 feet high

3-6 feet wide

Compact and mounded.


6-10 feet high

6-10 feet wide

Ungainly and difficult to dimension.

A great conversation piece.

White Spruce, Picea glauca


Dwarf Alberta Spruce, "Conica"

10-12 feet high

6-8 feet wide

The most widely sold dwarf conifer in the US!


Serbian Spruce, Picea omorika

50-60 feet high

20-25 feet wide

Oriental Spruce, Picea orientalis

50-60 feet high

10-15 feet wide

Colorado Spruce, Picea pungens

"Fat Albert"

"Glauca Pendula"


Upright Japanese Yew, Taxus cuspidata capitata

40-50 feet high

15-20 feet wide

Can be kept to a smaller size with pruning.

English-Japanese Yew, Taxus x media


3-4 feet high

4-8 feet wide


15-20 feet high

5-8 feet wide

Good in colder climates.

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